Mechanical Engineering for girls and females

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ale students.
  • The self-confidence of the female students in their skills and abilities.”
  • Note: This research paper can be found in the attachments at the end of this article for further readings.

    To make my article more interesting, I asked a few of the industry experts about the same issue. One of them said:

    “Yeah of course girls can pursue mechanical engineering. When I was in school for Mechanical Engineering (just 2 years ago) my graduating class contained approximately 5-10% girls. All of them received jobs right out of school and seem to be very happy doing their jobs. One works for British Petroleum as a facilities engineer, one works for Boeing with the international space station, and one designs concept cars for Chrysler...and so on. I think it is great to get more girls involved in the more technical engineering fields...most girls in engineering go for the easier, industrial engineering degrees.”

    And a very interesting answer which I got from one of my friend doing her MS in mechanical engineering is:

    “Does skiing suit girls?

    Does parachuting suit girls?

    Does mathematics suit girls? Yes of course.”

    Talking about mechanical engineer wives, one of the husbands said:

    “Mechanical Engineering seems to fit my wife to a tee. She stays home with the kids while her husband toils at his mechanical engineering job day in and day out. We have a gross household of about $100k with a nice bevy of benefits.

    I'd say mechanical engineering is quite wonderful for my girl”

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