Mechanical Engineering for girls and females

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I have seen many forums and questions asking: Is mechanical engineering advisable for girls and females? What is mechanical engineering all about? Can girls and females pursue it? Is it suitable for women? A friend of mine told me that her friends laughed at her when she told them that she wanted to do mechanical. Is this just a perception?

Well the very simple answer to this query is: SURE Why Not! You can do whatever you want to do if it is what you are interested in. what is it wrong with doing something you think you might like? Women can do whatever they want. Mechanical Engineering involves a lot of math and physics (not to the extent of a mathematician or physicist but still requires a competent knowledge of advanced topics in these fields) and you will have the opportunity to design anything mechanical from airplanes, to cars, to ships, to medical devices. So if you have the aptitude and inclination towards mechanical technology then you must go for it.

As you see females and women in modern society have equalized (if not dominated) men in every field of life and profession. Most females excel in engineering as they are generally outnumbered in most classes and seem to come out on top. Mechanical engineering is not just about design and manufacturing but rather it is a gateway to just about any kind of engineering or technical activity a person might want to get into. Mechanical engineering is called mother of engineering.

As far as female mechanical engineers are concerned, there is no reason for a girl to not to pursue a career in mechanical or any other branch of engineering. In fact I personally believe girls with the necessary skills in math and physics can be better than boys. Girls usually have one trait that many boys don’t have. They have the ability to admit when they don’t “know it all” and are able to ask for help rather than pushing forward blindly like many boys do. So if you set your sights to it you can do whatever you want regardless of sex.

In a research paper “A Study of Female Academic Performance in Mechanical Engineering” written by John C. Chen, Samuel Owusu-Ofori, Devdas Pai, Eugenia Toca-McDowell, Shih-Liang Wang, and Cynthia K. Waters from Department of Mechanical Engineering, North Carolina A&T State University, they have found that:

“In this study, female undergraduate engineering students performed better than their male counterparts by all measures, contrary to all previous studies of gender differences in engineering academic performance. Although the exact reason for this finding is not known, we speculate that any combination of several explanations is responsible. Chief among these are:

  1. The better preparation of the entering female students for college and engineering studies.
  2. The relatively high proportion of females in mechanical engineering at NCA&T (North Carolina A&T State University), which provides a more supportive atmosphere for the fem ale students.
  3. The self-confidence of the female students in their skills and abilities.”

Note: This research paper can be found in the attachments at the end of this article for further readings.

To make my article more interesting, I asked a few of the industry experts about the same issue. One of them said:

“Yeah of course girls can pursue mechanical engineering. When I was in school for Mechanical Engineering (just 2 years ago) my graduating class contained approximately 5-10% girls. All of them received jobs right out of school and seem to be very happy doing their jobs. One works for British Petroleum as a facilities engineer, one works for Boeing with the international space station, and one designs concept cars for Chrysler...and so on. I think it is great to get more girls involved in the more technical engineering fields...most girls in engineering go for the easier, industrial engineering degrees.”

And a very interesting answer which I got from one of my friend doing her MS in mechanical engineering is:

“Does skiing suit girls?

Does parachuting suit girls?

Does mathematics suit girls? Yes of course.”

Talking about mechanical engineer wives, one of the husbands said:

“Mechanical Engineering seems to fit my wife to a tee. She stays home with the kids while her husband toils at his mechanical engineering job day in and day out. We have a gross household of about $100k with a nice bevy of benefits.

I'd say mechanical engineering is quite wonderful for my girl” 马棚网
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