What is the scope of mechanical engineering?

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What is the scope of mechanical engineering? This is the question which comes to every mind at some stage in his/her educational career. I have received several emails and messages from students inquiring about the scope of mechanical engineering in future.

If anyone asks me to answer this question within one line or a few words limit then my answer would definitely be: “Mechanical engineering is the mother of all other engineering disciplines”. Yes it’s the mother of all other engineering branches. This famous quotation really defines the true meaning and scope of mechanical engineering.

In fact mechanical engineering is a discipline which gives birth to all other disciplines of engineering. Its scope is penetrated into all fields of life. It’s a need for all the industrialists to hire mechanical engineers in order to run their functions smoothly.

Don’t you like the term “mother” being used for mechanical engineering? OK then you may call it a grand daddy.  Yes it’s a reality that mechanical engineers are like grand daddy in any industry Jokes apart, many of the surveys carried out by different organizations show mechanical engineers as one of the best paid professionals in the world.

Mechanical engineering is a lot more interesting to study. You come to learn and know about real life issues and their solutions. A mechanical engineer is taught to perform in every field or industry on earth. No industry can flourish without mechanical engineers. This is the scope of mechanical engineering that it deals with everything from a small pin to gigantic airplanes and space stations. I hope this brief introduction will help you in finding answer to the question that what is the scope of mechanical engineering?

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