Mechanical Project Ideas

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nd check the change in your results. You can compare different type of flows and plate configurations in order to check that which of type of plates gives more accurate results and higher efficiency. In order to verify the results of this mechanical engineering project, you can always compare your data with experimental readings which can be found in many research papers of heat exchanges.

5. Design a tennis ball thrower mechanism and manufacture it:

This mechanical project idea is related to design and manufacturing. You will need to design and fabricate tennis ball thrower which can throw ball to a distance as far as it can. The design requirements for the tennis ball thrower are: The tennis ball thrower must be 3 feet in height and must have the capability to automatically load the next ball for throwing. The ball thrower must be manually operated. Such that no need to install motors etc. First a complete analysis and simulation of the design is required on Pro Engineer and ANSYS for functioning and stresses calculations involved. The design of the ball thrower must be the one that it can throw the ball as far as it can.

Main tasks are to design of model ball thrower on Pro Engineer. Analysis of the critical component of the ball thrower on ANSYS. Fabrication of ball thrower on the basis of model designed. The maximum power required to load the ball thrower for throwing the ball. Material selection with their justification of chosen material. Justification of the design and material selected to be cost effective.

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