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original research carried out by the staff of the University and the Colleges. They aim at providing young mechanical engineers with all the analytical, design and computing skills that underpin modern engineering practice, while encouraging the creativity and problem-solving skills that are so important to a good mechanical engineer.

5) California Institute of Technology (Caltech):


01- California Institute of Technology - CALTECH - Berkeley - Campus - Top 10 - Best Mechanical Engg University

California Institute of Technology (caltech) is well known best mechanical engineering university. Mechanical Engineering at Caltech has a century-long record of excellence. It brings together three simple elements: exceptionally talented individuals; an emphasis on fundamentals principles of thermal sciences, fluid and solid mechanics, and mechanical systems; and an atmosphere that inspires one to address the critical technological challenges of the day. their particular interests evolve with time, but their core mission of training the leaders of tomorrow and conducting fundamental research to address major technological roadblocks remains constant. Today, you will find students and faculty working on nano structured fuel cells, laboratory earthquakes, active ferroelectric materials and devices, neural prosthetics, debris flows, response of structures against accidental explosion, quantum mechanical origins of the strength of materials and genetic algorithms for design.

6) Imperial College London:


01- Imperial College - London - Campus - Top 10 - Best Mechanical Engg University

Another best college for mechanical engineering in the world is Imperial College London. It remains in the list of top ten mechanical engineering colleges of the world since many years. The Department of Mechanical Engineering at Imperial College London is one of the largest and most advanced departments in mechanical engineering in the UK and across the world. They were the top-rated Department of Mechanical Engineering in the recent Research Assessment Exercise 2008, held by the UK Government. The overall mission of the Department is to deliver world-class scholarship, education and research in Mechanical Engineering, with particular regard to their application in industry, healthcare and commerce. Imperial college offers mechanical degrees at undergraduate, graduate and doctorate levels.

7) University of Tokyo:


01- University of Tokyo - Campus - Top 10 - Best Mechanical Engg University

University of Tokyo has a long history of providing best mechanical engineering degrees hence producing highly outstanding and technical mechanical engineers in the world. University of Tokyo offers mechanical engineering degrees at undergraduate as well as graduate level.

'8)' Zurich (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology):


01- Zurich (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology) - Campus - Top 10 - Best Mechanical Engg University

Zurich (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology) has one of the best Department of Mechanical and Process Engineering. They offer best engineering degrees well recognized all over the world. The Department of Mechanical and Process Engineering educates students for exc

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