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Men’s designer clothes have some sort of magical ability to transform any man, with any figure, into the ideal shape, size and style. In fact the truth is that if you make the wrong choices then it doesn’t really matter how much you spend on men’s designer clothes, you’ll still not achieve the look you’re after.

It’s important to know not only what shape you are, and accept this, but to dress correctly in a way which will help enhance your strengths, and disguise those elements of your physique you’re not overly thrilled about. For men who are very tall and skinny getting it right can be difficult, so what advice should you follow when choosing men’s fashion clothing in order to help prevent you from looking as though you might be able to disappear by turning sideways or evade capture by hiding behind particularly thin lamp posts?

Most women prefer men to have a bit of meat on them, and skinny men don’t tend to score quite as well in general. One of the things you’ll be trying to do if you are on the thin end of being skinny is to try to bulk up a bit, or at least choose designer clothing which helps accentuate your width without making you appear any taller. Wearing clothing which makes you look even taller will simply stretch you out even further in the eyes of everyone else, which will make you look even thinner.

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