Deming Management Philosophy | Deming 14 Principles | Mechanical Engineering

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of focusing on a negative. Fault-finding atmosphere, supervisors should create a positive, supportive one where pride in workmanship can flourish.

8. Drive out fear, Create Trust, and Create a Climate for Innovation

Management must encourage open, effective communication and teamwork. Fear is caused by a general feeling of being powerless to control important aspects of one鈥檚 life. It is caused by a lack of Job security, possible physical harm, performance appraisals, ignorance of organization goals, poor supervision and not knowing the job. Driving fear out of the work place involves managing for success. When people are treated with聽 density, fear can be eliminated and people will work for the general good of the聽 organization. In this climate, they will provide ideas for improvement.

9. Optimize the Efforts of Teams, Groups and Staff Areas

Management must optimize the efforts of teams, work groups and staff areas to achieve the aims and purposes of the organization. Barriers exist internally among levels of management, among departments, within departments and among shifts. To break down the barriers, management will need a long-term perspective. All the different areas must work together. Attitudes need to be changed ; communication channels opened project teams organized and training in team work implemented.

10. Eliminate Exhortations for the Work Forces

Exhortations that ask for increased productivity without providing specific improvement methods can handicap an organizations. They do nothing but express managements desires. They do not produce a better product or service, because the workers are limited by the system.

11. (a) Eliminate Numerical Quotas for the Work Force

Instead of quotas, management must learn and Institute methods for improvement. Quotas and work standards focus on quantity rather than quality. They encourage poor workman ship in order to meet their Quotas. Quotas should be replaced with statistical methods of process control.

11. (b) Eliminate Management by Objective

Instead of management by objective, management must learn the capabilities of the process and how to improve them. Internal goals set by management, without a method are a burlesque.

12. Remove Barriers that Rob People of Pride of Workmanship

Loss of pride in workmanship exists throughout organizations because

(1) Workers do not know how to relate to the organizations mission.

(2) They are being blamed for system problems.

(3) Poor designing leads to the production of 鈥樷楯unk鈥欌?

(4) Inadequate training is provided.

(5) Punitive supervision exists.

(6) Inadequate or ineffective equipment is provided for performing the required work.

Restoring pride will require a long term commitment by management. When workers are proud of their work, they will grow to the fullest of their job. By restoring pride, everyone in the organization will be working for the common good. A barrier for people on salary is the annual rating of performan

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