ProE模流分析教程 第九章 C-MOLD软件与模型网格

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Ctrl + Left button                   Rotate-XY

                                Ctrl + Middle button                      Center

                                Ctrl + Right button                 Pan

                                Alt + Left button                    Zoom

Alt + Middle button                       Rotate-Z

                                Alt + Right button                  Expand/Shrink


While modeling geometry with grills of which size is much smaller than mesh size, the total grill area should be modeled as triangular elements with equivalent thickness and shape factor.  The shape factor for a triangular element is defined as the ratio of actual contact surface to the equivalent flat surface.  For the same equivalent thickness, larger shape factor means a given volume has more contact surface and more cooling effect from the wall as well as flow resistance from the geometric irregularity. 

A boundary condition is an entity that is applied to a node or an element in order to "bind" process conditions, physical constraints, etc., to the node or the element.  It serves as a link between a set of properties ands a mesh entity.  A list of possible boundary conditions are:    (Mesh->Create Boundary Conditions)

        ․Injection entrance

        ․Coolant entrance

        ․Coolant exit

        ․Parting plane

        ․Inner feature (such as holes, regions of different thickness, etc.,)

        ․potential gate node


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