The Study On Numerical Simulation of multi-factors couple for auto panel stamping

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The Study On Numerical Simulation of multi-factors couple for auto panel stamping

Dipartimento di Ingegneria Industriale, Universita di Cassino, via di Biasio 43, Cassino, FR I-03043, Italy.

[Abstracts] The paper builds the three-dimension numerical model for the automobile’s coverage part by the CAD software,UG,and translates it into the DYNAFORM for building its FEM model;then analyzes some factors’ influence to stamping through simulation,these factors include drawbead geometrical parameters, blank size,pressure-pad-force,and material parameters,finally, the paper solves such problems for the part as die design, stamping process, and material selecting .

[Keywords]stramping,numerical simulation,drawbead, pressure-pad-force,material parameters.

Introduction :

automotive panel because of its unique characteristics of a motor cycle. Die design and manufacture of designers rely on the experience and repeatedly test, the traditional method can no longer meet the design development of the market the demand. CAM systems integration has become a domestic auto companies to design and manufacture the weapon to win new products , the technique used, a conservative estimate, mold design and manufacturing cycle can be shortened so-fifths Die-third lower production costs, which can greatly reduce vehicle costs to enhance the competitiveness of the market [1]. Finite element simulation of sheet metal forming technology now widely used in many fields such as auto and steel industries, for mold design. stamping process and the formulation of the scientific material, such as stamping parts played a positive role.

Using explicit dynamic finite element software DYNAFORM vehicle's side of the plate finite element analysis, drawbead geometric parameters of the blank size, stamping process. material parameters (value) forming a variety of factors, including the impact of research and analysis program to determine the best shape for the parts. ASAME strain analysis of the actual components used for testing and simulation results are compared

2 Research Methods

2.1 3D model and Finite Element Modeling

In the face of complex sheet metal stamping simulation process, the geometric model accounts for a large proportion of the total workload of the simulation process. Geometric Modeling and simulation results directly affect the quality and accuracy. Parts plate outer flank of a larger, geometric-a very complicated and complex free-form surface space. unable analytical interpretations, which can be used to express parametric surfaces. Eta/ DYNAFORM of functional modeling is simply unable to meet the needs of Therefore, the use of large-scale 3D modeling software for geometric model of UG. As shown in figure 1 shall be established by UG geometric model. In the geometric model, we should consider stamping direction, process and add surface materials face the added pressure.

Fig.1 The model of UG foundation

When the CAD model of precision, throu

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