Cutting tool design 刀具的设计

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linear or rotary tool travel. The composition and geometry of the workpiece to a great extent determines the workholder requirements. Workholder selection also depends upon forces produced by the tool on the workpiece. Tool guidance may be incorporated into the workholding function.


Successful design of tools for the material removal processes requires, above all, a complete understanding of cutting tool function and geometry. This knowledge will enable the designer to specify the correct tool for a given task. The tool, in turn, will govern the selection of toolholding and guidance methods. Tool forces govern selection of the workholding device. Although the process involves interaction of the five elements, everything begins with and is based on what happens at the point of contact between the workpiece and cutting tool.


The primary method of imparting form and dimension to a workpiece is the removal of material by the use of edged cutting tools. An oversize mass is literally carved to its intended shape. The removal of material from a workpiece is termed generation of form by machining, or simply machining.


Form and dimension may also be achieved by a number of alternative processes such as hot or cold extrusion, sand casting, die casting, and precision casting. Sheet metal can be formed or drawn by the application of pressure. In addition to machining, metal removal can be accomplished by chemical or electrical methods. A great variety of workpiece may be produced without resorting to a machining operation. Economic considerations, however, usually dictate form generation by machining either as the complete process or in conjunction with another process.


Cutting tools are designed with sharp edges to minimize rubbing contact between the tool and workpiece. Variations in the shapes of the cutting tool influence tool life, surface finish of the workpiece, and the amount of force required to s

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